April 7, 2009

April potd

So i totally flaked on posting the rest of my photos of the day here on my blog for the remainder of March...it is on my to do list, I just haven't gotten to it lately. Since the new month is still (somewhat) new I would post my photos from the start of the month to get myself back on track, and it time allows catch up with the others tomorrow ;)

Wednesday April 1st
Dylan had a little get together at school to show off their projects they have been working on for the past month. So Aiden and I spent the morning with him:

Thursday April 2nd
The boys last day of school for the week, and the start of spring break. The weather was nice so we spent a bit of time at the playground!

Definitely enjoyed the spring like weather while we could, there is talk of snow in the forecast...grrr!

Friday April 3rd
The tongue is a regular feature on Aidens face lately and I just adore it, he he!

Saturday April 4th
Sweet baby feet :)

Sunday April 5th
I could seriously take photos of this little guy all day long! Some days I feel like I do...lol!

Monday April 6th

Johns first day back to working during the day. Drew was very happy to have his dad at home to play a good ol' game of air hockey with him :)

Tuesday April 7th
Aiden rolled over for the 1st time today :) Yay!! Although he is getting too big already. I want him to stay little forever, he he.

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