April 13, 2009


Adjusting life around here to a new schedule again.

Now that John is back to working days I will be working nights and weekends. So the schedules we have been living by for the last month and a half are now changing and we are all adjusting to the change. Change is good right!? I just have to keep telling myself that! I do love that I am home during the day to be here with Aiden and get the boys off to school in the morning. I will definitely miss our bedtime routine though. And I won't see too much of the boys, other than a bit in the morning, when I pick them up from school (for an hour) and when they are in bed when I get home. It is only for 2 months though and a busy busy two months for me at work....so as much of life does I am sure it will fly by. Tomorrow also starts a new season of baseball in our house. Both Dylan and Drew are playing this year which will be so much fun. 4 nights a week spent at the ball field. *kinda glad I am working nights to miss that one ;)* Although I will be there once a week to cheer them on and of course take photos!!

and of course a photo, just for fun........

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