March 13, 2009

Project 365 catch up.

Once again I am playing catch up with this project.
Still totally motivated to take my pictures, the rest....well not so much ;)

Thursday March 5th
My favorite part of our nightly routine. Lately Dylan has been reading the bedtime stories, and I just love it!!

Friday March 6th
Spring preview! Ah, what a beautiful day. We made our first official trip to the park today :)

Saturday March 7th
Aiden and his blankie, so sweet! Neither one of the boys were ever blankie boys so it is so cute to have one that is now:

Sunday March 8th

Dylan discovered Lego.com today, so the boys spent a little bit of time playing on the computer before bed tonight:

Monday March 9th
Ah the luck, Isn't march supposed to be lucky!?

I will take this as a no......

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living in MI!?
Black ice and all.....yep, LOVE IT!! My mom did this to our car this morning, nice huh?

Tuesday March 10th

I worked for a whole 2 hours today, whew! The boys stayed home from school again today (2nd day in a row) and I Ended up having to leave work early to take Dylan to the Dr., turns out he has Strep Throat! This was how we spent the rest of the afternoon:

even I took a nice little nap :)

Wednesday March 11th

The look so much like each other, and yet so different at the same time!

Thursday March 12th

Aiden is 4 months old today

Friday March 13th

The tooth fairy makes her first visit to our house tonight :D

We have been expecting this day for a few days now. So when I picked Dylan up from school he was excited to report that one of his teachers pulled out his loose tooth for him! We finally get to use this pillow I picked up 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Dylan!

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