March 4, 2009

The Last Day

Sigh............today was my last day as a stay at home mom. Tomorrow I start back to work. I am really really sad about it this time around. Before when I got to stay home I wanted an escape, to get out of the house for even a little bit. Now I just want to be here. To watch Aiden and all the sweet little things he does every day, to spend all day just playing and watching him learn new things. Today I have held him more than normal and just cuddled with him. I am sure tomorrow is going to be rough for him without Momma here, we have been together almost every minute of every day since he was born. We have also been trying unsuccessfully to get Aiden to take a bottle or eat rice cereal. He is not happy with either situation. Here was his reaction to his first taste of cereal today, lol:

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