February 16, 2009

potd Feb 12-15th

So i have finally decided to just upload my photo of the day photos once or twice during the week, since I am always playing catch up anymore. So here are the rest of my photos from last week.

Thursday Feb 12th
Little chubby. Oh the rolls. So so many and oh so cute ;)
Aiden is 3 months old today. Such a sweet little guy.

Friday Feb 13th

We did a bit of shopping today, My mom, Aiden and I. The boys hung out at home with dad :) We went to goodwill and picked up a whole lot of books. Hardcover books for my moms ever growing book collections
and some childrens board books to alter for my etsy shop.

Saturday Feb 14th
My 3 little valentines:

We spent a quiet Valentines day at home with the boys. Ate the boys favorite Spagetti for dinner and just relaxed! I spent quite a bit of the day rearranging my scrapbook room around to make room for Aidens crib.

Sunday Feb 15th

John and Drew put together Aiden's crib (which used to be the boys). Up until now he was sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed, but he is getting to heavy for it and so we decided to make the move to the crib. He still doesn't have his own room (poor boy) but we did make him space in my scrapbook room ,lol! So we share for now. Not sure how much longer I will be able to keep my sb/PEZ room. You can see my pez shelves are right above & beside his crib. It will be free game when he is mobile ;)

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