February 9, 2009

Playing catch up again...

Holy crap where did that whole week go!?
I thought I was doing so good with this photo a day project, but now I feel so behind.

So I am playing catch up here on the blog today.

The rest of my photos from last week:

Thursday Feb 5th:
Moms big helper. Tonight he helped with dinner, dessert and dishes :)
One of Drew's better qualities.
Even his teacher has commented at what a good helper he is :)

Friday Feb 6th

Yum! My favorite treat right now:

Choco-Cherry Love Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
Definitely a drool worthy dessert !

Saturday February 7th.

4:53 am I hear dylan at our bedroom door. He says his tummy hurts and he thinks he is going to throw up...as he is running towards the bathroom. Fortunately he makes it to the bathroom before he did, unfortunately he didn't get the toilet seat up in time! Yep we had a big mess on our hands, and one sick little guy. He had the 6 hour bug, and just rested on the couch for the entire morning.

By afternoon you would have never known he had been sick!

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