February 11, 2009

Feb 8-11th

So the darn FLU bug hit me hard on Monday night. So not fun. Luckily John is home this week, so he got to take care of the boys while i hung out in the bathroom, blah!

A few of my 365 photos for the week.

Sunday Feb 8th:
We worked on Dylans homework. Next week (the 17th) they are celebrating the 100th day of school so they had to create something to hang in the hallway that used 100 of something. Since V-day is so close too we decided to go with foam hearts the boys have in their craft collection:

Monday Feb 9th:
After picking up the boys from school we did a bit of shopping for new jeans since they either have either outgrown or tore holes in the knees just about every pair they own. Afterward we ate at Pizza Hut, and used 2 of the boys book it program coupons. They also picked up their very first set of Legos. Since they are still totally obsessed with Lego Batman, it seemed fitting...and they LOVE them!

Tuesday February 10th:
The boys celebrated Valentines Day at school today and came home with lots of fun cards and yummy treats:

Unfortunately with the flu I didn't get to see them write out their cards or get pictures of them :( I also didn't get to visit their classes today, bummer. I pretty much spent the entire day on the couch. It was nice to catch up on some of the things I had TIVO'ed though. I watched High School Musical for the first time and it was pretty darn good. I am a sucker for those type of shows though, he he!

Today Wed Feb 12th:

We just hung around the house catching up on things like laundry and dishes, and all that good stuff that falls behind when you are sick. I also played with and loved this little chubby cheeked guy a lot:

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