November 2, 2008

November 2nd

Wanted to share another Halloween favorite:

Gosh do i love this boy, he make me so very happy :)

Today I had the day off to spend at home, love days like today. We did a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of shopping (returned a few teeny tiny baby items), a little time loungin, and all the rest of the time together just hanging around the house :)

Drew's birthday is 3 days away, so we picked him up this cutie from Target today. He has been asking to put my old "chock-o" or "jocko" as I used to call him, back together again almost daily. He had a little accident last year are got torn apart...and he needs a pretty good needle and thread surgery ;) so we figured it was just easier to buy a new one, lol! We are probably just going to have a calm birthday for the boys this year, with the new baby coming and the holidays so close. I hope he likes it. I know I do, sock monkeys are the cutest!!

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