October 2, 2008

A Week In the Life: Thursday

Wow, today flew buy.
Can't believe I am sitting here looking at the clock and it is 9:21 pm.
I need to get in bed.

Just wanted to post some photos from my week here, and maybe...just maybe tomorrow I can get the words down too. So happy that I have been (pretty good) at keeping up with this a week in the life project!

7:30 wake up
7:35 eat breakfast
7:45 shower
8:00 wake boys
8-8:15 get ready fast
8:20 leave house
8:35 arrive at work
10:00 leave work for a bit for my bi-weekly check up
all is good :) of course I gained too much weight (4 lbs)
10:45 back to work
3:00 pm leave work
3:05 stop get gas
3:20 pick up boys at school
3:45 home
a few minutes of down time after school:

4:25 leave house pick up grandma
4:45 home for potty break and change clothes (cold & rainy out now)
5:00 drive to Walmart
5:30 Target shopping trip :D
6:00 dinner at Pizza Hut
7:00 drive home
7:15 arrive home
7:20 unpack items
7:30 change into comfy clothes (SO NICE)
7:45 homework (dylan)

7:50 pack up backpacks for tomorrow:

7:55 wipe dishes
8:03 sit down watch 15 minutes of Survivor
8:20 bath time
8:45 check email & google reader
9:00 boys watch their favorite show Total Drama Island, lol!
9:45 bed :)

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