February 14, 2008

Martha I am not...

Now I can officially say I am not, nor will I ever be Martha Stewart, darn it!!
I have been wanting to do this project for a while now, so I thought it would be perfect little gift idea for the boys to give at their valentines parties. So last night the boys and I (well mostly I) cut up a lot of their old broken crayons and got busy with the project :)

Well...5 hours later we had 36 heart shaped crayons and I had the process down pat. With only one little 12 heart tray, it took quite a while to get the crayons cut divided (in cute color combinations), melted in the oven, and then frozen so I could pop them out and start all over!

The crayons were a huge success today at school, and I do plan on making more with the rest of the crayons the boys have collected thru the years...just not anytime soon ;)




  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    That is a fantastic idea!!! Great shots also!

  2. What an awesome idea! They turned out great!!

  3. What a great idea! I just love it.

  4. OMG!! How great an idea is this one... I will have to try it for St. Patty's day with green and white crayons!

  5. great idea! I love the pictures too!


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