August 30, 2007


today...the last summer day off I had to spend with the boys, before school starts. I have to work the rest of the weekend :(

today...the weather was beautiful. 70's, windy, sunny, and just well...PERFECT!

today...we lazed around and did pretty much nothing. Felt so good. Going to sure miss these days next week when life is busy busy busy adjusting to new schedules ;)

today...I cleaned out the boys toys and threw away 2 target plastic bags full of crappy toys, you know the ones form happy meals and such, lol. Feels so good to get rid of stuff and see a clean house!

Today....I took this photo. A new fav!


  1. They are just the cutest! Sounds like you had a good day!

  2. that photo is just awesome jen!


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