May 4, 2007

Happy mail...again :)

Wow, what a happy mail week I have had, I totally love it!
I love getting mail, even if it isn't anything exciting, so when it is good stuff, well it is just 100 times better :D

Today I got a sweet package from Jessica Sprague, yep THE Jessica Sprague, digital scrapper extraordinare. I won a RAK from her a few weeks ago and she sent me a great little package of goodies:

So excited to see all those red embellishments. Red has been my thing lately, not sure what it is I am just drawn to it.

Took some more photos today with my camera. Did I mention I wa in LOVE, lol!!

I tried to order some photos today from our local CVS, bad idea....very bad idea. I have NEVER seen photos so dark and grainy. I was really upset with them so I took them back. The guy at the register didn't say sorry or offer to replace them, nothing just "So..you want to return them?" Damn straight I want to return them, ick they were horrible. Too bad it would have been so nice to have a place close buy to get some quick photos. Guess I will just stick with Scrapbook Pictures. Love the quality of their prints.


  1. mail from Jessica sprague. too cool and lots of goodies!! lucky ducky!!

  2. What a great RAK!

    So sorry about your pictures!


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