April 3, 2007


Here is a sampling of my to do list:
-wrap & address (4)packages
-make trip to post office
-buy gift bags for Dylan's Class
-Pick out items and pack gift bags
-go to the grocery store
-make chocolate chip cookies
-order photos
-call work
-give boys bath
-post items on Ebay
-reply to emails
-take photos...
...you know the usual ;)

Somehow I have accomplished almost everything on this list so far. Love days like today where you just wake up and go, you have the energy and actually want to do errands and all the fun mundane things that make the days go by :)

The weather here is taking a turn for the worst, snow and cold for the next week. So disappointing since spring break starts on Thursday :( Looks like we will be spending our vacation indoors.

Here are a few layouts I did yesterday for Scrappers Daily Dose that I really love :)


  1. BUSY lady!!! Awesome you got most of those things crossed off - I LOVE days like those!!!

    Love the layouts, sooooo cute and fun!!!! HUGS :)

  2. I saw that you're supposed to get snow...That's too bad about the weather for Spring Break. I'm sure you'll come with fun stuff to do with the boys!

  3. Wow, I hope you got all of your stuff done. Love your new LO's!


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