March 23, 2007

Spring :)

Totally love that spring is finally making an appearance here in MI, YAY!!
Yesterday we took our first trip to the park. It was a pretty funny experience too. It had rained pretty hard earlier in the morning and then cleared up so around 6ish we decided to go to the park. When we got out of the car and were walking to the park Dylan stepped in some grass that looked like grass, but really wasn't...it was all water and muck. As he ran his shoe got sucked in and stayed in the muck, and then of course his sock was filthy mud ;) he he I had to laugh , but he was less than thrilled when we had to get back in the car and go home to get new socks. Good thing we live close by ;) So after a change of socks and the calming of a few tears we made another trip to the park. This time to another one here in town, one a little less wet ;)
The boys really enjoyed themselves and I got to take some photos, so everyone was very happy in the end :)

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