February 1, 2007

Feeling better

No I didn't take Aunt Jen's (Aka Mrs. Dr Phil)advice, to go tanning but I have been working out. (till thinking about doing the whole tanning thing though...) I was really really sore yesterday but able to move a little better today ;) Just trying to focus on one day at a time and keep things simple. I have been crazy busy working on Scrapbook stuff for the Feb 1st gallery at Scrappers Daily Dose, here is one of my creations:

I have also been busy making 200 wedding invitations for my friend Jamie. I thought it would be a piece of cake, but I was wrong, it is taking longer than anticipated, but relly what doesn't anymore. Always too much too do and never enough time ;) Just gotta keep a balance going and keep plugging along, and all will work out in the end.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday :)


  1. I love this layout of yours. The flower paper on a boy layout is too cool. I am glad you are feeling better!

  2. not"Mrs.Dr.Phil..just know what used to work for me! But before I did it...I explored other aspects.
    and now with the Freeze of 2007...you might need some good bone warming up!!
    TC & GB
    Love 2 all

  3. Love this layout... tons!! Such awesomeness here! :)

    And kudos on working out! I have been trying to get into the groove of exercising too, and it's been hard! This cold weather doesn't help any, either -- all I wanna do is curl up by the fireplace and either read or watch movies, haha!!

    Have a good weekend :)


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