December 12, 2006

So much for being caught up :P

Another weekend come and gone and not mush to say that I accomplished. Saturday we took the boys to go visit Santa, at Somerset (where we always go) and weren't able to get in. Can you believe it, Santa was booked for the whole darn day. We got to the mall at 10:30 and they opened at 10....talk about a Merry friggin Christmas! Dylan cried too when we told him we could go there to see him, it is such a let down for the kids. After that we had Johns works family Christmas Party, which did have a Santa and the boys saw him there, whew!

Dylan gave him his list, so he was one happy boy :) We stayed at the part for a few hours, and did crafts, got cool balloon swords, at lunch....all that good family stuff. Then we headed home for out monthly euchre party. Sunday I worked all day and when I got home from work we had to go buy snacks for Dyaln to take to school this week. He needed cupcakes for his b-day, so off we were again. We ate dinner as an early b-day treat for D at his favorite place Taco Cheese :) Then home to bed after a long busy weekend. So yep not much done by me in any way shape or form. But that is what the Christmas season is all about right!? The hustle and bustle the time spent with family and friends :)

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  1. Cute Pic Jen!
    It's hard to believe that he's already 5!!!
    What the heck is with the santa at the mall? (out here...several of the stores have their own) Makes beating the crowd easier..and makes ya want to shop their store.
    I hope the *List's* wasn't something Santa couldn't handle..but then again> Grandma Santa would know how to do most of that anyway....Your Mom was wonderful to my kids all the time and especially at Christmas.
    All of my kids still talk about Aunt Janes house at Christmas. Terrific memories!!
    The food she always made was fab!!!
    Love 2 all:


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