December 23, 2006

One More Day!!

I can not wait!! So totally excited to see the boys face on Christmas morning :) I just love it, every little bit. Their excitement, the joy, the frantic unwrapping of paper, the squeals of delight when they see what they got...it is all just perfectly magical! Santa did try to tone it down this year for Christmas presents, but it is just so much fun to get everything they asked for and just a little bit more ;) Today John and I went to finish up shopping and we did pretty darn good. Snagged a fun Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume for Drewy, with facial hair and all, lol. I definitely feel a photo op coming on! Now tonight or tomorrow night we have to wrap wrap wrap and we will be all set. I can not wait, did I mentoin that!? Oh yep, I think I did!


  1. yeppers...pictures please!
    Are you all doing Christmas Eve with Mish..Claude.. Aunt Judy & Uncle Jim..and (almost forgot) Baby Ben!!
    Uncle Mike & I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
    Love 2 all

  2. totaly miss Christmas with the family in MI.Hope you all have a very marry christmas and new year and be safe...


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