November 29, 2006


  • This song "My Love" by Justin Timberlake....LOVE IT!! I could listen to it all day, and I do when I am on the computer :) So of course I had to add it here so I can jam all day long!!
  • Decorating for the Holidays, LOVE IT!! We have almost all of our decor up and twinkling. 3 trees up and 1 or 2 left to go. Going to work on the lights tonight and then we will decorate it on Friday.
  • This 60 degree weather we are having...LOVE IT!!! We went this morning to do a bit of x-mas shopping and John wore shorts, hello...last time I checked it was November 29th!?
  • Measurable Snow coming soon...LOVE IT!!! I am a winter girl. I love the cold weather and the snow. Can not wait to take Buddy out this winter and see what he does. It should be a good time for sure :)
  • The fact that we are all better, no more sick people...LOVE IT!! That means that now we can go and see Benjamin more. Woohoo, I need to go see him I am sure he is HUGE already, and I have only seen him once :(

  • Scrapbooking. LOVE IT!!! I just seem to be in a groove lately, finding myself a new style, creating, being inspired, taking photos, all that good stuff :)

  • Cleaning and organizing the house...LOVE IT!! Still having this wierd cleaning spree going on, not sure what is wrong with me but I am still really into it, (I thought it would pass, lol)
  • The date, Grandma and Grandpas Wedding Anniversay...LOVE IT!! All because of two people, because those two people fell in love, I am here. We (my family) are all here. So unbelievbly thankful for their love for each other and all of us. So happy they are together in heaven watching down upon us all :)


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Love this post!!! Great layouts, love the pic of you, Grandma & Grandpa! You are lovin' the 60 degrees and we had freeze warnings here!!

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Love the new festive look of your blog too :)

  3. I love that song. Somrhting about Justin Timberlake that is sexy. You won't beleive Ben when you finally get to see him.

  4. Nice typo!!! Me, the teacher with a spelling error.

  5. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hee Hee Hee...More than 1 typo too :)

  6. What can I say?
    Tears of sadness & joy are the reasons for seasons.
    Many have emparted upon us who look at your blog today.
    Hugs & squishes for all of you.
    Love 2 all

  7. awww...great post jenn! that pic of your grans...a perfect ending. love that JT song. sure does getcha going :)


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