October 9, 2006

Photos from the Patch

Took the boys to the pumpkin patch here in Holly, last night. Perfect sunny skies at dusk and I wanted to get some good picts ;) So I got a few but the boys are just not into cooperating for me and my camera too much anymore. They want to be on the go, and checking everything out...so I only got a few good photos. But even the blurry ones and the ones of them goofing off are just perfect for me. So the boys right now, their little personalities sure shine through in the photos. Here are just a few of them....

Drew was not into taking photos...i guess this face just sums it all up!

Drews new friend :)

Dylan my muse, always willing to make Momma happy :)


  1. What fun...It makes me miss the fall.

  2. OMG they have grown sooo much !!
    great pics !


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