October 29, 2006


THE SUN IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, a beautiful fall day here!! Windy and chilly, but it is not raining so I will not ocmplain one bit!!!!! I have a lot to do and just can't seem to get off this darn computer, lol! We are going to carve our pumpkins tonight and decorate Dylans harvest festival vest for school :) Looks like it is going to be another beautiful day here tomorrow so I am going to get out and plant some bulbs and put my gardens to bed. I just wanted to share a couple more photos I took, last week when we squeezed in another quick trip to the pumpkin patch. We still needed to buy a pumpkin to carve and I also wanted to take some more photos of the boys ;)
Here are a few of my favorites:

and here is a scrapbook layout (100% digital) I made with my favorite photo from the day :


  1. Other than my family and friends I would have to say that this time of year is what I miss most about MI...

  2. Poor little guy...It looks like he's having a problem deciding which pumpkin is the best..and having to choose from so many is a slightly over-whelming!!
    (I agree with Kris...Miss this time of yr greatly!)
    Love 2 all

  3. LOVE all the pictures!! Your kids are soooooooo so cute!!
    And that layout is gorgeous!!! Wow, I love it! =)

  4. you got great pics...what pumpkin patch did you go to? i'll have to go there next year. such crappy weekends this october we really didn't get a chance to go to a pumpkin patch.

    cindy :)


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