October 6, 2006


Today we finally got to meet Mr. Benjamin Ratliff. He is such a cutie pie, so adorable in every little way. Seeing him makes me long for the days when my boys were that little. So small, and precious, so cuddly and innocent. No this does not mean that there will be another Hignite baby anytime soon...so don't even think it, lol!

Here are just a few of the photo I took of him today.
He was kept giving me the look like, "OK seriously lady enough of the bright lights in my face!!"

Oh.....did I mention he is a cutie patootie !?!


Asleep (what he did for most of our visit)

Momma, Ben, and Dylan :)


  1. He is so precious...It must be in the genes!

  2. so sweet at this point in time!
    Even sweeter when they start to show personality with smiles & laughter.
    Luv 2 all

  3. What an ugly picture of me!!!!!!!!!


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