September 27, 2006


I have been in a creative mood lately. Still very into the whole cleaning thing too...can't seem to shake it, huh!? But with the cooler wather now I am getting back into my creative groove and wanting to scrapbook. I taught an altered board books class a few weeks ago and had 9 people show up for it!! Love that. Eveyone was interested in learning and creating little books of their own. They all got it too, which I really love. Everyone went with the flow and in the end there were some awesome looking books :) I have also been busy working on a new BLOG for Scrappers Daily Dose. A creativity blog, for challenges and inspiring ideas. I can not say enough how much I love SDD, the people there are just amazing. Such a great group of women and all so talented. I just wish there were more people checking it out too, because it really is a great place. So what the heck check it out, and post a few layouts. Share the creativity :)

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  1. creative minds are always with you..sometimes we just forget to look at the inspiration that is right in front of us.
    speaking of creative minds??? What did you ever do with the laundry room....lol
    you realize that it is all the fad again!!
    Let us all know.
    luv 2 aLL


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