September 14, 2006

Busy, Busy,

Busy, busy...life is busy. I always thought that once we got back to school and into a routine things would settle down. HA, I gues I was wrong. Days just seem to fly by even faster now! Dylan and his school take up a lot of the time! He is learning so much everyday, singing songs, writing his name, telling us all about his day at school. I love it!! Drew is into the whole being at home along thing too!! After Dylan leaves for school he either does somthing fun with mom and dad or dresses up in a costume and plays around the house :) So cute!! I have been into cleaning and organizing the house lately, I don't know what is my deal...but I have been enjoying it, and every other little bit of life lately :)


  1. I've never been there myself...but isn't it called the "Nesting" phase? Could it be another addition to the fam?

  2. Forget what what Kris said!
    If I buy the plane ticket will you come and clean my house...Please
    Oh wait> Kris said another addition..could it be???
    Love ya


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