June 12, 2006

Melissa's Baby Shower

On Saturday I went to my cousin Melissa's baby shower, and couldn't believe my eyes..her bally was so big.

The last time I saw her she had this little bump, and now...well, you can see in the picture. Baby is really coming along :) So excited to meet this new little guy, to smell and hold a baby again, it has been too long! I am also so excited to watch her be a Momma, I am sure she will be the best one, she is already so grat with kids.

She was so pretty at the shower, just glowing that happy pregnancy glow. Love that part about being pregnant. Well that and not having peroids for a nice long time...that is such an added bonus :)

We are throwing her another baby shower at the beginning of July, so she will get even more cute baby stuff, althought I am not sure she needs anymore after this past shower, geez. I really need to get my butt in gear and get to planning. So what fun baby shower games do you like, share them with me please :) I would like to do something simple but different. You can only do the same games until they get boring you know.


  1. I can't believe my eyes either! She is going to make a wonderful momma...

  2. OH yeah....
    The meaning of Motherhood>
    1. No sleep
    2. stretch marks
    3. saqggy boobs...(opps--> Mish has none)
    4. No time for yourself
    5. Grandparents get to make your life chaos because...they can send the kid/kids home on sugar highs
    6. The most exciting thing that will ever happen in your life time!!
    Welcome to Motherhood Mish!
    (Jen...I'm sure glad your blog keeps us up to date. Thank You!!!
    Love ya


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