April 3, 2006


Ok, yep I WILL admit it. I am a bowler. I always have been, I just was alwasy afraid to admit it....it is dorky right, to bowl!?! He he, Oh well! I have bowled since I was 5, my mom got me started with good-old bumper bowling and it just moved on from there. Now I bowl in a womens league with my mom and the ladies pictured here:)
This photo was taken yesterday after a tournament we particitpated in. Some of us did good, and the others...well I will not put them to shame, but they were pretty bad!! I also bowl on every other Saturday night with my hubby and my best friend and her hubby in a mixed league. It is fun and really the only time John and I get out together without kids, and we totally need that time!! Last year was the first time we bowled in the league and the 50/50 guy gave us our official team name "The Swearing Team". Ha it is too funny!! John and Ben both have a little anger management problem and just swear away, while they bowl. Tonia and I are completely the opposite and you would never hear a swear word from us, well maybe once in a while...but not in any ways shape or form like the guys ;)


  1. How cool that you bowl?! Scott and I used to, but haven't in years... I would probably TOTALLY embarass myself now! But that's so great you guys have a night where you're together and can be w/out the kids!!! We need more of that time! =)

  2. Love this Picture!!
    I know who everyone is except...the lady between your Mom & Aunt Judi...fill me in please..
    Oh yeah> how did you place team wise?
    I think it's great that you & John do the double thingy.
    (those who play together...stay together!!) LOL
    Love ya

  3. oh i love it! too too cool are you. my sister is on a league too. i however complain that it breaks my nails. got some good shots of joey at a bday party the other day! i just love that photo!


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