March 24, 2006


Did you notice I finally figured out how to change my blog banner :)
Weehee exciting times!!! HUGE THANKS to Lana for sending me the easy to follow insturctions.

HELP>>>>>When you look at my blog, does my sidebar...with my photo and links and all that other nonsense...line up with the rest of the blog, or is it way below??? I can't figure out what is up with that...anyone know???


  1. Will you send the instructions to me on how to change my banner? I love yours by the way...it's so happy and bright, it fits you!

  2. Yep, all your stuff on the side lines up perfectly. Love the black background. I'd never know you're a newbie - just set up my blog last night in preparation for the 21 day challenge too. Yippee! Look forward to seeing more stuff! :)


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