February 8, 2006

Good things

Good things for Today:)
-I got up early as usual to wait for the two little ones I watch to arrive, only to get a phone call...they weren't coming..wahoo, back to bed I went!!!
-I got some goodies in the mail!
1. my monthly CJ from Emily and a cute little valentine tag from her!! She is so sweet always sending me little things in the package with the CJ :)

2.a package from Rachel, with the two fabulous layouts she made for me!! She also sent me some yummy Kaleidescope paper and diecuts...love them thanks Rachel =)

-When I do a photo swap with anyone, I always frame them and add them to my little wall of fame. I only had one frame for Rachels layouts, so we HAD to make a trip to Walmart, to pick up another one. While at Walmart Dylan ran off ahead of me to his usual scope out of the toy section, and he cut right in front of an oler lady. As he walked past her he said, "excuse me" and continued on. I smiled at her and was going to say sorry, but she interupted me and said "You are doing a wonderful job!" I smiled back and was struck by this comment. It really meant alot to me. From the way she said it I took it that she didn't get to say these things very often. You know how it is when you go shopping anymore. People always in a hurry, running one another over with carts, people hardly ever say please or thanks you let alone excuse me. So when this lady took the time to give me some motherly feed back it made my heart happy. It really is the little things in life =)
-So we picked up a few things at Walmart, got some taco bell(D's favorite) for lunch and headed home.
-I now have two more beauties hanging on the wall of my scraproom!!
Thanks again, Rachel they really are fabulous!!

-And to top it off, tonight is bowling night, so I get a little me time.

Today overall, has been a good day, and that my friends IS a good thing!!

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  1. I love all the goodies you received!!! I just bought a bunch of that kaleidoscope paper, isn't that paper the best. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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