November 29, 2005

Circle Journal

Way late and not at all like I had originally imagined it. I finally pulled this one together. It is a "circle" circle journal for a fun little twist on the whole concept. There is six of us and each entry will be one circle in the tin. Just a fun little project, nothing to demanding, a great way to be creative and play with new supplies :)


  1. Such a cute "circle" journal. Love that idea!

  2. very cute idea with the tin and the circle for a journal - i like the idea of 6 - keeps it small but still fun

    glad to hear you got out without the kiddos - we all need kid breaks now and then

    sorry so long since I have commented - i kind of been on a comment hiatus with the start of the crazy holiday season

    take care and happy holidays to you!

  3. great circle journal!. thanks for your sweet praise on my mini-book today!


  4. Oooooh, I *love* that idea Jennifer! And a very small circle journal group sounds like a fun idea...so, have fun with it!


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