October 28, 2005

Under construction, again...

Life here is in upheaval again, just not to the extent it was before.
Right now I am having my scraproom painted, by my dear sweet handy hubby :) Hopefully it will be done this weekend and I can begin to put it back together. I am going to totally re-organize the entire thing...wish me luck!! :)

I am also taking more time away from the computer. Taking more time for me to spend with the boys. I just need to slow down and spend more quality time with them while I have them here. Drew will be 2 next week, and Dylan will be 4 two weeks after that. I don't know why, but it really just hit me that soon Dylan will be going off to school soon and these days we have together are going by so quickly now. I want to make every day count and be memorable, even the bad ones :)


  1. i know what you mean jennifer! i almost want to stop blogging for a while. but might as well wait till the year is up. got your cj going yet? me? nope! lol

  2. I can't believe how quick your boys are growing...maybe you should have another one :)


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