October 18, 2005

Unbelievably and Completely Overwhelmed

That is truly how I have been feeling lately. Life is busy, it has been...always will be. But right now things seem to be getting out of hand. With watching the my boys, the other 2 kids during the day, the mess in the house, working part time two nights and one or two weekend days, the construction on the house, keeping up with my scrapbooking, the dust all over the house, getting the back yard cleaned up before winter, cleaning,....did I say mess in the house!!! AAAAHHHHHH....whew, that felt good. I just have been feeling like things are never going to get better, everyday there is only so much you can do, and it really does so little in the whole scheme of things. It just gets to you eventually...you know!? I know I am not the only busy person, it seems like now a days everyone is crazy busy with so much on their plate, it is hard to swallow it all down. I just want to not feel like things are out of control, to have some sense of knowing this will be over soon.

As far as the house construction goes, the new addition is still here, and still waiting for us to ge to it. We have been trying to finish up other projects first, before we even attempt to tackle the new part. John finished the roof, now it is pretty (huge) and green. Last weekend we painted our kitchen walls and the ceiling. With just a few more spots to finish up, we can start putting that room back together soon :) Our stairwell is in the middle of being drywalled and sanded, so there is dust...EVERYWHERE!!! My scrapbook room is waiting for a paint job, and is a complete mess, so I have been trying to go through stuff and purge or pack. Our bedroom has summer clothes stacked high, waiting for me to put them in storage tubs. Everywhere needs to be dusted and cleaned, the sawdust/dust everywhere has now officially gotten to me :(
So, enough of my rambling....off I go to pug away at the mess, and hopefully get some stuff accomplished!! Wish me luck :)


  1. Everyone wants instant gratification. Sure you have a lot going on, but just think about what a great feeling of accomplishment you will have when everything is all said and done :)

  2. just keep thinking about Saturday. 10 hours of uninterupped scraptime, or non-scraptime depending on how much talking is going on. :)

  3. i know how you feel! i am trying to not turn the computer on a few days a week for now on!

  4. Isn't it ironic how dust NEVER seems to go away!
    Jen, it's there today and will be there in 100 years from now!!!!
    Take some time for yourself>RELAX


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