August 10, 2005

#15 & #17 completed!!

From my 100 things to do before I die list, number 17 was Go to a Scrapbook Crop. This past Saturday Aug. 6th, I did just that. We had been arranging it since the beginning of the year, and it was so worth all the anticipation.

It was so awesome to see everyone creating and chatting, getting to know the ladies I have been chatting with at Two Peas, seeing faces I have only seen in pictures. We cropped at The Scrapbook Zone in Farmington Hills. The store is just amazing, with the selection of items they carry! I wish that I lived closer to it, but it is a good thing that I don't because I could do some major damage shopping there!! I did get lots of yummy new stuff there at the crop,

and got a few new layouts finished.

I also picked up the September Issue of Creating Keepsakes, where luck has it my layout is on page 56!!!

It is the preview for the online BH sketches!! I have been taking the magazine with me everywhere showing everyone, it is exciting!! ( I know I am a dork, but thats ok! ) Getting my scrapbook layout published is also #15 on my 100 things list, yahoo!! Go Me, two in one day!!

All in all it was a great day, spent being creative, meeting new friends, and shopping. What more could you ask for?


  1. I bought the magazine too so that I could show all of my friends out here :)

  2. I would be shouting from the rooftops if one of my LOs got published so I totally understand what you're doing. :)

  3. ok, so I just read your list and if you ever get a chance ot meet one of the guys from NKOTB can I come too???

  4. yeah! you got to see it! i am so happy for you! seeing your face in magazine has got to be cool! good job and great pages and great stuff you got!

  5. Good for you! And great pages.


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