June 9, 2005

Today's "To Do" List

I am a list maker always have been, always will be. It is nice to have it all written down so I know exactly what I need to accomplish for the day.

Since I have the day off today, from watching the two other little kids I watch, I have a pretty big "To Do" list to get through. It has also been so hot here I have been trying to put everything off until it goes away, but it isn't doesn't look like that is going to be anytime soon so I guess I just will have to do it!

-Send photo(s) to Becky for our photo swap.
-Put away 3 piles of clean clothes
-Take the growing stack of hangers down to the laundry room
-Fill out contract forms for Creating Keepsakes
-Purchase tickets for Dora the Explorer's Pirate Adventure
-Fertilize the impatients in front of house
-Vaccum upstairs
-Watch scrapbooking on QVC
-Get some more items together for Garage Sale
-Go through and sort/throw away/garage sale some of the boys old toys
-Sweep up the $#@%&*# seeds from the tree in the backyard and the front yard
-vacuum Kitchen
-Go to the grocery store (John drank the last of the milk this morning!)
-Burn May's phtotos to CD
-Make CD case covers for April and May photos

Well that is all I can think of now, and the longer I sit here writing it down the less I will get done. I am also pretty sure if I write any more it won't get done today. Once the heat sets in all I will want to do is sit in the pool!

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  1. Well, good luck ! How much of that did you do ??


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