June 5, 2005

OPAD-June 5th

It was a hot one today. 90 and humid. none of that dry heat crap they "say" it isout west. Just hot and humid and miserable!!I hate summer already and it hasen't even gotten here yet...

The boys had fun though, nothing like a hot day to play in the pool. Our real pool is waiting to be painted so we had to break out the kiddie pool today, to fight off the heat. This photo was my favorite shot of the day. Their faces say it all!!
They were having such a grand time splashing and laughing in the water.
Living it up, enjoying everything that they had on a hot summ...or spring afternoon.


  1. I can testify that there is actually "dry heat" out west but it is so dang dry and hot (110 or higher) I liken it to being in a brick oven! But wouldn't trade the dry for the humid - I am from Iowa and one summer we went back I think I about died (thank goodness the cousins had a swamp cooler to keep cool)

    Love all your photos - I have been doing the challenge too except I have been doing a LO for each one too. I am making it into an 8x8 book - I just thought it would be interesting to see what struck as interesting each day and my thoughts about it.

    And the Pez LO is too cute - I really loved that candy as a kid (used to collect the dispensers). I also loved how you journaled in your own handwriting. I think people including myself really need to do that more.

  2. I too can testify that is really is a dry heat...just ask Mish she'll even tell that it really is a dry heat.

  3. Your boys are adorable!


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