May 28, 2005

My garden

Here it is, the one thing that has been keeping me from my scrapbooking lately. Well, ok, it is not the one and only thing but it has been where I have been spending the majority of my free time.
It is one of my gardens. It is not very big, none of them are, but it is a little piece of heaven...my heaven. It is where I can work my gardening magic. To plant some seeds and watch them grow. To play in the soil, to get my fingers dirty (well sometimes, but I mostly wear gloves!) To watch for butterfiles and discover all the little insects. To be at peace, in a rather quite place away from noisy little children!

This garden is the main focal point of our back yard. It is the one I spend the most of my time working on. The photo is not very good, and doesn't do it justice.

Right now just a very few of my spring flowers are blooming.
Creeping phlox in the front

Allium bulbs in the back

and one strange Iris.

The Iris, let me tell you I have no clue where that came from. It was for the longest time a very pretty purple color and then all of a sudden it was this wierd brown and yellow color.


  1. wow jennifer that is beautiful!

  2. So pretty, Jennifer!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful Jennifer. That reminds me that I have to do mine ! We just need the rain to stop ...


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