May 27, 2005


My favorite flowers in the whole wide world are daisies!
I just love them, every pretty little thing about them,
be it one or a field of them they just make me so happy.
what is it about them that i love so ...
the fresh clean look
the intricate little petals
the fact that you can wear them in your hair
the yellow and white colors
the fact that I can go out my back door and see them, pick them, touch them...
the delicate little stems they perch so beautifully upon
the fact that Daisy was almost my name
or the fact that Daisy is the name I want to give my little girl (if I ever have one!?!)
I guess I am nothing but a flower child at heart and if I could I would wear a daisy in my hair every day of the week.


  1. Let's hope that you do have another child. Daisy is such a great name and an excellent way to carry on the Valek tradition!

  2. Love those happy flowers!

  3. oh my jennifer you make me want to like gardening so much! i stink at it! those look great!

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  5. We have that in common, I love daisies too !!
    And I do hope you have a little girl one day, after two boys, that is the most wonderful thing !


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