May 6, 2005

bath day

One of my favorite things with the boys, is bath day. We don't have a specific day and it is usually more than once a week, just whenever they need a bath! It is so fun to watch them play together in the water and splash all around. I seriously have taken a million photos of them together in the tub. Today I got these two cuties after they got out and were in their little animal towels.

Dyaln is my sweet lil' lion

and Drew is my fun lil' froggie


  1. Hey Mrs.Mom
    Looks like your a little busy.
    The pic of the boys shows how fast they're growing up. I also read about your>promises....lol (sorry but Mom's promises to herself usually get lost with kids) So if you fall back on them always remember why> kids come 1st.
    Love ya: tt4N....Aunt Jen

  2. awww, that's cute. Bath time (or splash time as it's called here) is fun here too.


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