April 14, 2005

So grown up

I still can not believe how grown up Dylan has become. When I came downstairs on Tuesday this is what I saw.

Dylan and Spike loungin' together on the couch. Never before has Dylan been able to get the cats to sit with him, but now it is different. He is more grown up, more relaxed. When I want to help him with something anymore it is, "No, I do it!" When we go for walks he runs off and explores on his own, he doesn't need momma to be right there. Even today at the park, the first thing he did was run right up to the big slide, and down he went all by himself. It has been more and more obvious to me all week, and over the past few months. Yet, it was that single moment today, at the park that sealed to deal for me. It was at that moment that I realized he is grown and I must let him continue to grow. I have to let him be who he wants and do his own thing. It is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with as a mom, it is so bittersweet. You wait for the time to come and are happy with their achievements, yet you have to give up on what you have known, give up helping your baby to do everything. I know as the days go there will be more and more things he won't need me to do. I just have to take it in stride, and enjoy the little things he still needs help with now, while it lasts!

Edited to add: Thursday night, when I got home from work, I had such a wonderful moment with my NOT so grown up boy. I got his PJ's on and tried to get him to lie down, but he only wanted Momma. So he curled up on my lap and fell fast asleep.
All day long I had thought about how big Dylan was getting and that my baby was truly gone for good. This single moment tonight, reassured me that he would always be my baby no matter how big he is getting!!


  1. Hey Mrs.MOM.....
    I just shared your *Blog with Uncle Mike..he loves the pics of boys...lol
    Dylan sure looks like you and his Grammy (Jane)
    Cool Cat! Spike? is he a newebee??
    Uncle Mike and I don't remember hearing about him...My Goodness how big is he???
    Catch ya later: All our love with ((HUGS)) Aunt Jen & Uncle Mike

  2. That is soooo cute Jen ! Make the most of these moments ! If it makes you feel better, I find that boys are like that for a long time ! Julian is now 9 and still loves cudding up to me no matter what... You know men, they NEVER grow up.... :-))


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