April 4, 2005

Long time coming

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I unfortunately had to work, so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. When I got home it was such a surprise. Drew had said 3 new words, poop, hello, and grandma. Dylan is such a talker (blabber mouth is more like it) so Drew has not needed to talk at all. He has just been pointing and grunting for the past few months. Over the last few days, he has finally started to make new sounds and say new words. It is now happening all so fast and it is so amazing to watch. I have already forgot what it was like when Dylan was starting to talk and how fast it all happens. Once they start they seem to never stop, they pick up everything, even words like poop! I love it, silly words and all. Just hearing those cute little words come out of his mouth it such a treat, and a long time coming.


  1. oh that is soo cool that he is talking! It is great when you know exactly what they want! ps get the pencil art they are soo cool!

  2. aren't they just toooo cute when they start talking. we've had a couple of new words with meli too this week. I just love it !


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