April 5, 2005

Get Happy

I was reading an old issue of Parents magazine last night and it talked about simple ways to make your life happy each and every day. So I thought I would make a short little list of the things that have made me happy lately.

It is going to be almost 70 degrees here today!
The grass is finally turning green!
The sun is shining!!
Flowers are staring to peek out of the ground!
The birds are singing!

2.New scrapbook supplies!
Yummy, new paterned paper from Scrapworks and Urban Lily, foam stamps form Li'l Davis Designs, as well as many many more!!!

3. This photo (one of my new favorites) of my two boys splashing in the bath!

4.These cool bamboo drawers I bought from Michaels at 40% off! Posted by Hello

5.Picking up a copy of the March Scrapbook Trends Magazineand seeing this adorable layout by my dear pea friend Becky!

Ok, I have to admit, this list could go on and on, but those are some of the things that truly made me smile!! Hope everyone has a happy day!!!


  1. wow Jennifer..these things are awesome!! Enough to make anyone happy for a very long time! Yeah Becky...that page is awesome..oh that photo is classic!! love it..you need to enter it in a contest...it is sooo cute!

  2. great list! i loved that you had a picture for each!!

  3. this is sooo cool ! what a good idea ! and lucky you for the weather, typical british WINTER weather here today ! not fair.
    I'm soooo envious of that gorgeous paper you got, I want more too !!! but i'm saving for my printer...
    thanks for sharing these with us Jen !

  4. oooh, can't wait to see what you do with those new papers, jennifer! and that set of drawers from m's looks great! thanks for smiling when you saw my layout; i'm glad i was a part of your wonderful day! :)



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