March 22, 2005

Looks can be deceiving

Sweet Drew Posted by Hello

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago which boy of mine was more of a troublemaker, I would have replied with at definite Dylan! In the last few days though, I would have to retract my answer. My sweet little Drew has turned into my little troublemaker. Just 10 minutes before this photo was taken, he escaped out of the baby gates with out a sound and wandered into the bathroom. There he delighted in throwing around the cat litter and dare I say, sampling a bit of it. When I found him and his accomplice Dylan, there was cat littler everywhere and they had the poop scoops in hand ready for who knows what. Drew also had a little bit of evidence, from the taste testing, stuck around his mouth, YUCK! Drew went straight to the sink and then to the crib, so I could clean up the mess. When I was finished I went back upstairs to check on him, this was the sweet sight I saw. That face makes my heart melt every time, but I know not to be fooled. In an hour or so the little troublemaker within will make his return!!

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  1. awww that is too sweet for a picture ! I have taken a few of Meli sleeping lately, will have to put it on my blog once I've figured out how it works...


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