March 30, 2005

Broken arm...

Here is another funny little conversation I just had with Dylan while I was putting in his new Thomas the Tank Engine movie:
D: "Let's go get some freight cars"
Me: " Where are the freight cars?"
D: "Downstairs"
Me: "Well why don't you go go downstairs and get them?"
D: "I can't go get them, you go get them"
Me: "Why can't you go get them?"
D: " I have a broken arm!!!"

I guess this is the proof that I ask the sarcastic question "why are your arms broken!?!" much to often! He has caught on to my little game, and played right along with it. Funny how quick they catch on to little things like that!!

1 comment :

  1. Kids are far more clever than we think and surprise us everyday huh ?


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