March 21, 2005


I have all but given up hope to ever see my name or layout published in a scrapbook magazine. I have been trying for nearly a year now and no such luck. Well my efforts have not been as good as I originally intended. I am not so good with the deadlines ( a procrastinator at heart) and there is also so much competition in submitting layout to be published. Will it ever happen? I don't know but I will keep trying, maybe not right now thought because the one I am trying to submit to creating keepsakes keeps bouncing back! Arg, what is a girl to do!?!


  1. please keep trying...you are so good and i can't believe they haven't picked you up yet!

  2. Jen this is really great...at least you get to vent without killing someone!
    I like this! It does allow us into your life circle.
    My life question to u!
    Does *Procastination* run deep in the family genes?...lol between you Kris & Uncle Mike..your all bad about it! I know, other priorities take place..I hear it all the time. Keep smiling Kid :-)

  3. Apparently my mom and I share the same sentiments...procrastination is genetic...but I can't believe she threw me into the mix!


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