November 13, 2007


Today I have a to-do list a mile long, and yet I find myself here at the computer, again! Just taking a break till I have to go pick up Dylan from school. I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit today, which is good. But then I look at my list and i don't feel so good again! We are having the boys birthday party this weekend so I am trying to get the house in order for that. We are in a transition period between Halloween decor and the Christmas stuff. So trying to get a bit out and all of the Halloween stuff put away.

Here is a bit of my list for today:
-undecorate above kitchen counters (done)
-redecorate above kitchen counters
-trip to Target (done)
-plant perennials (done)
-vacuum laundry room
-go to the library (done)
-sell stuff on ebay
-post challenges at ScrapHappyKT (done)
-take the boys to the park *just added because it is so nice out ;)*
-enjoy our last beautiful day of fall!!

So there it is just a bit of what I am working on today. If I get more than half of it done I will be one happy camper :)

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